professional engineering for your project

When we carry out project planning for process facilities that will manufacture liquid products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, we work in close collaboration with you to develop a customized solution – from definition and feasibility study to 3D planning, engineering and design.

To ensure that we design a facility that meets your exact requirements and standards, we examine and verify all specifications and define the project down to the smallest detail. The more accurate the preliminary work, the more you will be safeguarded against unwanted surprises in the implementation stage, e.g. cost or budget overruns. 

An experienced team of highly qualified process engineers, technicians and CAD specialists is employed to bring your project home. The team applies its broad expertise to plan all-new facilities or system sections. We can also upgrade and retrofit existing facilities. To ensure more efficiency and perfect operation, the team works with modern software tools such as CAD (computer-aided design) and CAE (computer-aided engineering).

Projektierung, Konzept und Realisierung

About us…

Our professional project management team ensures that all concepts, reasoning and work are coordinated across every phase of your project: perfect functionality, the best possible results and the highest quality. And all of this is achieved on budget and on schedule.


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