intelligent and innovative cleaning-concepts

Facilities for the production of biopharmaceutical products have to be cleaned at regular intervals. This is an important step in the overall production process and calls for adherence to strict quality criteria. The cleaning process involves the removal of media components and cell residue from the facility, along with any residual metabolites, auxiliary substances and agents produced. No cross-contamination can be permitted if product safety is to be guaranteed.
During the cleaning process, it is extremely important that all parameters be coordinated. As such, the process and CIP facilities have to be planned and installed in a way that enables these processes to run smoothly. Automated CIP processes enable a reproducible cleaning process to be carried out – this is the prerequisite for validation. This allows that difficult-to-clean areas be identified and inspected via swab-and-rinse tests, to determine whether the facility is fully clean.
TOP Tech Sol designs and plans the facility cleaning process so that it is coordinated and fully integrated with all of the complex, interlinked production processes. Any bottlenecks associated with the cleaning process are detected at an early stage and measures are implemented to resolve them. A balanced facility design and optimized cleaning processes (cycle developmen) minimize the burden on the environment, water consumption and heating requirements, thereby cutting down on cleaning time and preventing the formation of bottlenecks. This increases the productivity of the entire facility.

CIP cleaning of process facilities

The right design increases the productivity of the entire facility. (PDF, 103 KB)


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