Design and build of process facilities for the manufacture of liquid products

Injection and IV solution

Injection and IV solutions

As with the production of other liquid pharmaceuticals, the production of parenteral products calls for the highest material and processing quality. Absolute sterility is only one key component of the production process.

Fermentation and Purification

Biopharmazeutical agents and vaccines
(upstream and downstream)

When producing biopharmaceutical agents via microbial or cell fermentation, a distinction is made between the upstream process (fermentation and harvest) and its downstream counterpart (purification).

Plasma fractionation

Agents from human plasma – plasma fractionation

Plasma fractionation consists of the separation and cleaning of therapeutic proteins from human plasma to form concentrated, virus-inactivated agents. Plasma derivatives are produced using various technologies. Facilities primarily consist of variously sized tanks for storage, mixing, precipitation and reaction.

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