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TOP Tech Sol develops and supplies customized skids and units to meet the most discerning of customer requirements. We evaluate the latest state-of-the-art components for every application on the market as an independent company. Units are pre-installed and can usually be transported to the building site and then integrated into the facility without the need for extensive dismantling work. Prefabrication enables us to minimize the time required for on-site assembly and commissioning. As the wiring has already been installed as part of the prefabrication process, the only remaining step on-site is to connect the relevant media and power supply.
Prefabricated skids from TOP Tech Sol have been fully tested and comply with GMP guidelines. They are delivered with complete documentation.

TOP Tech Sol develops technologically advanced skids for the following applications:

– Ultrafiltration
– Chromatography systems
– Filtration
– CIP cleaning

Skids und Units

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Our professional project management team ensures that all concepts, reasoning and work are coordinated across every phase of your project: perfect functionality, the best possible results and the highest quality. And all of this is achieved on budget and on schedule.


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